Fuel Conditioner

Fuel Conditioner is an Australian formulated and manufactured product. It is designed to remove water and microbial contamination from diesel, unleaded petrol, premium unleaded petrol and LRP.

Octane Booster Gasoline

  • More power

  • More acceleration

Octane Booster increases the octane number of normal gasoline and boosts the power and acceleration of the engine. Additionally, regular use of the product also helps reduce engine knocking and pinging.

For: Gasoline (can mix with all types of gasoline available)
Dosage: One bottle (250ml) treats 50L of fuel


Complete Engine Cleaner Gasoline

  • Cleaner engine

  • Better fuel economy

Complete Engine Cleaner Gasoline has special detergents which clean the injection system of the engine and reduces deposits up to 97%*. This ensures finer spray of fuel, which can give significant savings in fuel consumption.

For: Gasoline (can mix with all types of gasoline available)
Product is ethanol ready and suitable to treat petrol with up to 20% ethanol.
Dosage: One bottle (250ml) treats 50L of fuel

Complete Engine Cleaner Diesel

  • Cleaner engine

  • Better fuel economy

  • Specially made for diesel Eengines

Diesel engines can experience loss of fuel during its flow into the combustion chamber. The advanced technology of Complete Engine Cleaner Diesel can reduce the fuel flow loss by up to 30%* and, hence, improve fuel economy.

For: Diesel (can mix with all types of diesel available)
Dosage: One bottle (250ml) treats 100L of fuel every 2,000km

Oil Stabiliser

Tru-Blu "Oil Stabiliser" is quite different from anything else on the market. "Oil Stabiliser" dramatically improves the ability of traditional oil to remain constant, resisting the tendency to breakdown as it becomes hot. By stabilising, the oil is prevented from thinning under operating conditions, therefore maintaining its ability to "cling" to lubricated surfaces and moving parts. 

Upper Cylinder Lube (UCL)

Tru-Blu “Upper Cylinder Lubricant” is a 100% petroleum based cylinder lubricant, which can be added to any fuel. When used, the lubricant applies a coating on the rings and valves, preventing loss of compression and combustion gases.


AdBlue converts harmful NOx from your diesel vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and steam, therefore considerably reducing the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are a major source of atmospheric pollution and that lead to smog in urban centres. According to studies done by the World Health Association, NOx emissions are known to aggravate asthma.