How to change oil filter in a car ?

Remove the used oil filter

  • Refer to the manufacturer's service manual in order to locate the oil filter. Make sure that the new filter that you are going to install is the same model as the old one.
  • Then unscrew the oil filter using your filter spanner. Pull it out with your hands.
  • The filter is probably filled with oil – make sure that the tray is close at hand so that any remaining oil can be emptied into it.

Install the new filter

  • Before installing the new filter, clean the base of the filter at the point where it fits into the engine.
  • Position the new O-ring seal on the filter and apply a small quantity of oil onto it with your finger in order to lubricate it.
  • This will prevent it from being pinched or damaged when tightening it. Carefully tighten the new filter, but not too much.