Motor oil types / Car oil types 

There are three types of engine oil/3 types of motor oil:

Oil types - Mineral oils

  • They are obtained from base oils directly extracted from crude oil and then enriched with chemical additives in order to improve their overall performance.
  • They are perfectly well-suited to everyday trips or journeys outside of the urban environment at reasonable speeds.

Motor types - Semi-synthetic oils

  • They are a blend of mineral oils and synthetic-based oils. They are perfectly well-suited to normal usage in urban environments or high-speed driving for all types of vehicles.
  • These oils are highly resistant to oxidation and can be recommended for extreme temperature conditions.

Engine oil types - Synthetic oils

  • They are obtained through numerous refining processes or in laboratories using high-quality additives. Synthesizing oils in this way has many benefits: the result is a high-performance lubricant that extends the life of your engine, improves engine protection, increases the intervals between oil changes and reduces friction – thus lowering fuel consumption.

Sometimes, 4 types of car oil are mentioned: mineral, synthetic based or semi-synthetic, synthetic technology, and 100% synthetic.