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Super Tractor Universal Oil (STOU) for agricultural machinery allowing a great simplification of maintenance. Adapted to all turbocharged or naturally aspirated diesel engines working under the most severe conditions, mechanical transmissions, hydraulic systems, wet brakes and/or immersed brakes.


  • ACEA E2

  • API CF-4/SF

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RUBIA TIR 7900 15W-40

A very high performance lubricant designed for heavy duty diesel engine configured to meet EPA 2007 and Euro 4/5 emission regulation as well as older requirements.


  • ACEA E9/E7

  • API CJ-4/SM

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RUBIA TIR 7400 15W-40

Very high performance diesel engine oil adapted to severe technical constraints of low emission engines. Adapted to most severe servicing condition including transport and public works.


  • ACEA E7

  • API CI-4/SL

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Lubricant for wet disc brake transmissions and hydraulic systems for agricultural tractors and public works or handling equipment. Suitable for use in the lubrication of automatic transmissions, torque converters and hydrostatic transmissions. Used in hydraulic systems and power-assisted steering.

EQUIVIS ZS 32, 46, 68, 100

High viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oils.

Recommended for all kind of hydraulic systems operating under high pressure (limit as indicated by the pump manufacturer) and high temperature.


  • AFNOR NF E 48-603 HV

  • ISO 6743/4 HV

  • DIN 51524 P3 HVLP

  • VICKERS M-2950S, -I-286

MTC 150

Total loss lubrication of all high speed machineries for manual or mechanical chainsaw, or chain conveyors. Suitable in all wood transformation works. Particularly recommended for manual chainsaw of woodcutter and also for industrial conveyors.