Does motor oil expire? 

Does oil go bad?

Is black or dark oil bad? Does it mean that I’m in need of an oil change?

Nope. All that is indicated by the coloration of your oil when you check it is that your oil is doing its job properly. That job partially involves removing and capturing contaminants and deposits from the engine’s moving parts. Contaminants will color the oil, but certainly don’t indicate that it’s time for a change.

Does motor oil expire?

Engine oils have an expiry date after which the performance levels that they offer can no longer be guaranteed. The high heat and stress of operation for thousands of miles can actually oxidize the oil, causing it to thicken and lose its ability to move around your engine. Additionally, the contaminant-bearing part of oil will become less effective as it continues to pick up more and more engine debris. Get it changed regularly to make sure that doesn’t happen.

You are probably wondering if you can still use cans of oil which seems old: the oil is usable as long as it is sealed, stored in a cool dry location and no water or dirt has gotten in the bottles.