NQIFS stock a wide range of Baldwin filters at a very competitive price. Our team have 30 years of combined experience within the filtration industry and have collected a lot of knowledge over this period of time. We pride ourselves on having service second to none and a pricing policy that allows us to compete more than favorably with other major filter companies.    

Baldwin Australia has actively expanded and includes a full product range sales in all areas of the market. This growth has earned Baldwin Australia a place in the top three largest aftermarket distributors in Australia in 2008. Baldwin filters are designed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer's specifications for filtration performance. It is our commitment to you that using a Baldwin filter will provide a high level of protection for your equipment.      


A full-flow oil filter is the type of oil filter that is standard on most of the vehicles that we drive every day. If you have only one oil filter on your vehicle, it is most likely a full-flow design. The oil that goes through this filter goes on to lubricate the engine. This filter removes the larger particles of contaminant from the oil that may be harmful to the engine. 

A by-pass oil filter is not quite as common. This type of filter may be found on older applications, or used with a full-flow filter on some engines today. The by-pass filter receives anywhere from 10 to 20 % of the oil going to the engine. The media used in this filter is very efficient and is designed to remove the smallest particles of contaminant. Oil that has gone through a by-pass filter typically gets returned to the sump.

Using a full-flow oil filter along with a by-pass oil filter will typically allow for longer oil change intervals. This is due to the fact that cleaner oil is being introduced to the full-flow oil filter as the by-pass filter removes the smallest contaminants. As a result, the full-flow filter does not plug with contaminant as quickly as it would without the by-pass filter.

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Dual-flow filters are designed with both full-flow and by-pass oil filter within the same canister.